Front End Developer


We are looking for a client in Milan an:


Competenze richieste


•  Design and deliver cutting edge highly performing and reliable software applications, both web and mobile. 
         -   Manage, control and lead our technical supply chain to deliver efficiently high 
             quality outcomes on time. 
         -   Monitor KPI’s and QA to validate the release of the application. 
         -   Be part of the development team on the journey to the final release. 
•  Create quick prototypes on-the-fly using whatever toolkit you’re the most comfortable with that serves the design you’re bringing to life. 
•  Adopt and structure process workflow which best suit project’s requirement, ranging  from waterfall to agile software development. 
•  Support  the  pre-sales  effort,  understanding customer needs and  pain-points   and advising which solutions can drive the process to succeed. 
•  Keep up to  date  on   emerging technologies and trends   in  development  and find opportunities to use those ideas in our work. 


•  Passionate,   self-motivated,   and   interested   in   growing   broadly   as  an   architect   and   a developer. 
•  Enjoy     coding/implementing        detailed,   modern     and   highly   interactive   front-end experiences     –  web,   mobile    (Android    Studio,   XCode),    and   beyond   - from     quick prototypes to full experience simulations. 
•  Demonstrated interest in UX/UI design for digital platforms. 
•  Deep knowledge of HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript. 
•  Ability   and   interest   in  creating   beautiful,  nuanced     browser    animations     via  CSS keyframes   and/or   other   JS   libraries.  Quick  with  modern   web   frameworks   and   web  libraries  (Angular js,   Angular   2/5,   Redux,   D3.js). Basic  knowledge   of   Knockout.js  e 
•  Knowledge of Typescript and SASS. 
•  Comfortable and fast with Framer.js or Invision. 
•  Knowledge of task runners as Grunt, Gulp and module bundler Webpack. 
•  Knowledge of Git software. 
•  Familiar with top server technologies: NodeJS, PHP/Wordpress. 
•  Base knowledge of Linux systems. 
•  Base knowledge of Azure cloud services. 
•  Comfortable with   database   (SQL/NoSQL –  knowledge   of  MongoDB,   Oracle,   MSSQL) and distributed RESTful API services, you can well reasonate with horizontally scalable back ends supporting front end experiences. 

The candidate will be assume directly by the client.


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